Recaps (1989-1998)

December 23, 1989 – Edison Stadium

Scoring 1 2 3 4 Final
North - - 7 7 14
South 3 7 7 - 17

Great combo of Mike Green (FM) to circus catches by Brian Hammermelster (BV) paved the way to victory by the south team. Tim Camron (BV) scored the first 3 points In the first ever All-Star game. The north team was led by Tony Squitieri(M), Nelson Lewis (CC) and Shawn Pope (M). Barney Knight (FM) was MVP on defense while Brian Hammermelster (BV) was MVP on offense. Shundell Hicks (NFM) ran a kickoff 92 yds for TD, but was called back.

December 22, 1990 – Edison Stadium

Scoring 1 2 3 4 Final
North - - - 13 13
South 12 7 7 - 26

Some great running by Dwayne Thomas (BV) led to scores, his first started the scoring. North was led by great running back Greg Thomas (M) who scored two touchdowns. MVP on offense was Sedrick Watkins (CL) and on defense Pat Boston (FM). Sedrick Watkins (CL) two pass interceptions, 10 tackles. Boston (FM) two passes for 79 yards and scored two touchdowns.

December 21, 1991 – Edison Stadium

Scoring 1 2 3 4 Final
North - - - - -
South - 21 7 7 35

South scored three times In second quarter to lead 21 to 0 at halftime. Rodney Mark (E) was named MVP on offense gaining 69 yards and two touchdowns. Otis Jiles (BV) 68 yards one TD, Jason Holler (BV) 46 yds and two TD’s. The defensive MVP was Joe Crimaldi (BV) linebacker, two QB sacks and several other tackles. The south had such a great defensive line, they held Higginbotham (NFM) and Cullember (M) to only 6 completions and 56 yards passing. The south had 200 yards rushing.

December 16, 1992 – Edison Stadium

Scoring 1 2 3 4 Final
North - 3 2 - 5
South 6 12 - 12 30

First night game. Several eye-catching runs by Steve Gary (CL) one a 25 yard touchdown, two leaping Interceptions by Deadrake Epps (FM). For solo tackles, three assists by Greg Spires (M) and he rushed for 68 yards. Jamie German (FM) had a 96 yard punt return for a touchdown. Every two point conversion was stopped by the north team. Greg Spires (M) was MVP on defense while Steve Gary (CL) was MVP on offense. Scott Kitzinger (CC) missed field goals of 50 yards, but hit on a 31 yard field goal to give the north their first 3 points. North scored two more points when Noah Brindise (CL) was called for intentionally grounding the ball In the end zone for a safety. This cut the south lead to 18 to 5. German (FM) and Gadson (FM) put on a real show and German’s touchdown of 96 yards.

December 15, 1993 – Edison Stadium

Scoring 1 2 3 4 Final
North - - - 6 6
South 7 7 6 7 27

Anthony Dixon (E) “Mr. Versatile” rushed for two south touchdowns and passed for another, Anthony was named MVP on offense while Kyle Curry (M) was MVP on defense for the north. Both had a great game. Dixon (E) gave the south a 14-0 halftime lead on tils two touchdowns. Chad Downey (M) a punter and kicker had to play quarterback when Anthony Edwards (M) reinjured his knee. Chester Harley (CC) capped a 16 play 80 yard drive with a 3 yard touchdown run. North committed seven fumbles, and two turnovers led to touchdowns. Nod Washington (FM) and Lem Teal (FM) recovered to set up scores. After a 24-yard punt return by Washington (FM) In the fourth quarter, Dixon (E) passed Bogacz (E) on a 12 yard scoring pass for a 27-0 lead.

December 14, 1994 – Edison Stadium

Scoring 1 2 3 4 Final
North 7 16 6 14 43
South - - - - -

“I am the happiest old man out here tonight,” said Coach Joe Roles (M). He waited five years for this one. Isaac Harvin (CC) was the north MVP on offense. No wonder he gained 101 yards on 12 carries and scored 3 touchdowns on 29, 9, and 3 yards. Courtney Nunn (M) won the MVP on defense. Courtney a defensive back, ran back a second half interception 18 yards for a touchdown. He and teammate Fred Wilson (M) trapped Bruno Ramos (FM) for a safety on a bad punt snap. The south was paced by Keith Williams (BV) 13 carries for 53 yards. Wayne Luettlch (CL) said, “They stopped everything we tried to do. They had a very good team.”

December 13, 1995 – Edison Stadium

Scoring 1 2 3 4 Final
North 7 - - 2 9
South 6 - 13 - 19

David Travis (FM) connected with teammate Eric Folk (FM) In the third quarter to give south a 19 point lead. Anthony Henry (E) scored more points than any other player but ended up with MVP defensive player of the game, while Jamie Thomas (CC) was MVP on offense. Thomas caught 10 passes for 63 yards, he returned a punt 55 yards for a touchdown. The back of his jersey said “specialist.” Anthony Henry (E) played quarterback, wide receiver and defensive back. North scored on a safety when Rick Langley (CL) kneeled In the end zone with 33 seconds left in the game. Scott Jones (M) completed 16 of 29 passes for 152 yards. Nearly all of them to Jamie Thomas (CC).

December 18, 1996 – Edison Stadium

Scoring 1 2 3 4 OT Final
North 8 14 - 6 - 28
South 14 8 6 - - 28

With linebackers like Tito Rodriguez (L) Josh Doxator (CC) Preston Towns (M) It was hard to coach these three as they knew they could stop the south offense. Bruce Letta (FM) felt it would be a “shutout”. Tobis McKay (L) just smiled. Kelby Tyre (CC) dedicated this game to his 1 year old nephew. Kelby was also voted MVP from the north team, while Chad Terrell (FM) was MVP for the south team. (We changed this year to north and south MVPs.  Shannon Royal (M) and Tyre (CC) were a devastating duo for the north team. Royal was 13 of 23 for 277 yards. He hooked up with Tyre five times for 131 yards and two touchdowns (31 and 45 yards). The south stayed on the ground, Chad Terrell (FM) who ran 17 times for 75 yards, two TD’s and a two-point conversion. He also caught two passes for 46 yards. This was our first tie game, and after two extra tries (one each team), it ended up in a tie game (one of our best ever). Mr. Carrigan decided against playing a second overtime for fear of the exhausted players getting hurt.

December 17, 1997  – Edison Stadium

Scoring 1 2 3 4 Final
North 7 7 - 6 20
South - 3 12 7 22

North misses In last five seconds on field goal try to win game. Must be one of the best games played In this annual classic. Earnest Graham (M) one of the top runners In the nation rushed for 100 yards on 16 carries, while FInley Carter (R) his teammate won the MVP trophy for the north team. FInley returned a fumble 68 yards for a touchdown. FInley wanted the victory more than the MVP trophy. Kendall Battle (L) blocked the south’s 38 yard field goal attempt and Carter picked It up to run for TD. North led 14 to 3 at half time. Rod Thomas (BV) opened the 14 play, 78 yard touchdown drive that took 8:51 off the clock. Thomas had a team high 68 yards on 16 carries and a 7 yard touchdown. Tyrone Davis (FM) a do-it-all player won the south team MVP. Tyrone returned all punts and kickoffs, including one for 45 yards. He rushed for 25 yards on nine carries, caught a pass and threw a 52 yard pass to Corris McIntosh (FM). Davis on defense helped shut down north’s receivers. Some great personalized Jerseys nicknames or slogans. “Can Eat,” “B.L.T. & Me,””I’t Ain’t Easy.”

December 16, 1998  – Edison Stadium

Scoring 1 2 3 4 Final
North - 14 - 6 20
South - 7 7 7 21

The South team was undermanned, as Estero High School went to State Championship Game. The South had to rally three times and Malcolm Mitchell (BV) blocked Gino Lollio’s (N) extra point attempt, and that was the game. With 4:59 left in the game, Greg McDonald (R) fumbled at the north 17, Mike Seravello (BV) a hard driving fullback was called on three times to get the ball to the 4-yard line. (Mike had a great game gaining) and Charles Ramsey (CL) scored his second short-distance touchdown. Seravello (BV) carried 20 times for 96 yards. Fullback Johnny Ash (N) had a bruising 44-yard TD through the middle of the South’s defense. Chris Vance (FM) had a 34-yard touchdown pass from Danny King (BV). Vance, the South MVP caught three passes for 63-yards, played quarterback and safety on defense. Defensive end Terrance Chapman (L) was MVP for the North team. Charles Ramsey (CL) filled in at running back and scored two touchdowns. Charles was a defensive back all season and got the call to step up because of losing Estero running backs. Nicknames – “Say Owl”, “Unpredictable”, “I’m Not Dunn”, “Huh?What?”, “Phat-kid”, “Flara H”.